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Safety Tips: New Orleans Madri Gras Celebration

When heading down Bourbon Street you get that true weightless feeling. You are surrounded by the life of the party and one of the biggest celebrations the city of New Orleans has ever seen: Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is a widely celebrated and cherished traditional event. With its many festivities and traditions, you see all sorts of people getting involved in the madness. People also are out there looking for a good time and a good party to attend. New Orleans has been the place to go for Mardi Gras for many years now and will be home to many of America’s wildest party people pretty soon and upcoming. With all these people we witness some very crazy events. With these events call a certain standard for you to follow when taking the stroll down this party street in Louisiana.

Below are just a few tips and reminders to use when attending the spectacle that is known as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana.

One thing you need at all times is a friend. Someone you can trust to stick with you the whole time amongst the party. Just someone to have there in case things get out of hand. It also prevents you from getting lost among the sea of people. Enjoying the party with a friend is definitely a must when it comes to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Second would include knowing your location at all times. If you know where you are more likely to stay safe and out of harms Way. Assuring your safety would be to carry a map at all times. These maps can be found at shops and places all around New Orleans before and during the celebration and they are a truly helpful reminder for you the tourist. A map is a must if traveling these streets.

Third would be to stay on the main drags and pathways. Do not ever try to wander away from the celebration in hopes of finding safety and such. There are certain stations and areas that are marked as help locations in case of emergency and such, but make sure you know where they are located before hand. You never want to find yourself roaming the streets in search of help, because more than likely, you will not be successful in finding any.

Fourth would be to have fun, but no your limit. There are times to party and this is one of the biggest parties out there. If you are going to drink make sure you do so in modesty and not in excess by any means. You should save the drinking, if you are planning on doing so, till after the madness and such. These streets are just too dangerous for you to be wandering while under the influence. Being under the influence could cause an ugly scenario for you, and you really want to just refrain from drinking heavily at this event.

No where help can be located or have it programmed into your phone. You always want to know a picked out place, area, or person you can find in case of an emergency. So before you even begin heading towards the celebration, make sure that you have help either at your side or near you just in case.

Don’t do anything too crazy which would incriminate yourself. Again Mardi Gras can be all fun and games, but it is an organized event. It is also a public event so you must obey the laws at all times. Just because there are so many people, doesn’t mean the law enforcement isn’t watching you at all times. they have many groups set up and with arrest you without question based off bad behavior. So have fun, yet party with character and class.

Take in some of the New Orleans history at the parade and celebration. Don’t just go out to get all drunk and messed up, go out with purpose. Enjoy the wonderful floats and people. Look at the cultural influence and aspect to the whole thing. This is a time for positive fun and not just drinking as much as you can. Save the party until after the celebration if you wish to do so.

Treat the area with respect. New Orleans has been a city fully of poverty with the hurricane and all. The last thing they want is litter and trash flooding their streets because of one huge party. Please refrain from littering and throwing your trash. It isn’t that difficult to find a waste basket and take your time to throw your garbage away. You would be surprised to know how much clean-up this city is forced to do after an event like such.

Refrain from getting involved with fights, brawls, and other such nasty arguments. Most of the time these events are occurring based off how drunk someone is. It is not your job to start, stop, and try to interfere with a fight. If you notice one locate the nearest police enforcement officer or help if needed. Do not get involved or you are putting yourself in a great potential risk as well with many different violations possibly headed up your alley.

After the day of celebration do your part to give back. It would be nice if you volunteered for clean up after your night of celebration. Sure the labor is not always fun, but it kind of shows that you are doing your part in exchange for a city that has allowed you to have had the night of your life. Giving back never hurts and it is greatly appreciated here in New Orleans.

I hope you find at least a few of these tips helpful and appreciated. Its not every day that an event like this just roles around. So have a great time and just remember to stay safe and out of harm’s way

Dining Out in Phoenix

Dining in Phoenix brings a multitude of cuisines and styles. The Phoenix area offers a wide-array of dining options for the simplest business traveler to the most determined critic. In a large city such as Phoenix, you may have to divide the metro area and suburbs into different quadrants and choose a specific direction in each. With Phoenix in the center you have Sun City in the Northwest, Scottsdale to the Northeast, Tempe  amp; Mesa to the Southeast and Goodyear to the Southwest. Each area has a multitude of hot dog and burger stands to fine dining venues.

Being in the desert, Southwest cuisine will be the predominate specialty among restaurants in the valley but almost anything can be had in this diverse culinary oasis. Something one might not expect in a desert valley is exceptional soul food. Lo-Lo’s Chicken  amp; Waffles is just that. Considered a good luck charm for the Arizona Cardinals football team and being noted in publications like the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Magazine and the Food  amp; Life dinging guide, Larry Lo-Lo White’s fried chicken and waffles definitely back up the claims. Lo-Lo’s is just west of the Phoenix International Airport, in the Southwest part of the valley.

Another type of cuisine that one wouldn’t normally associate with Phoenix is Sushi. In the Northeast part of the valley known as Scottsdale is Yasu Sushi Bistro. When trying to locate Yasu, it may come as a big surprise to find it located in a strip mall (Paradise Valley Mall) next to a Target store. Do not be misguided by this as once you are inside, it will definitely be worth the search. Sticking with only fresh fish, Sea Urchin sushi  amp; Toro sashimi tend to be a bit pricey, but then it is located in Scottsdale. Considered by some as the best Sushi/Sashimi in town, Yasu is a great catch.

NOCA in central Phoenix, on East Camelback  amp; 32nd Street is a very popular eatery that has everything from warm, fresh Doughnuts to Poached Duck Eggs to Steak Frites (fries). Known as having extraordinary service and being family-friendly, NOCA can be a bit pricey for those expecting a chain restaurant. Casual meals served in what resembles a 5-star gourmet venue, makes the price a little easier to swallow. Hundreds of wines accompany the great cuisine and decadent desserts follow.

A famous chain of pizzerias that have unquestionably some of the best thin crust Neapolitan pizza is Grimaldi’s. In the Northwest part of the valley, in Peoria, this Grimaldi’s is a direct descendant of the famous Grimaldi’s in New York. Thin crust pizza, with only quality toppings, cooked in a brick, coal-fried oven give customers a taste of New York. Noted by quite a few as the “best pizza in Phoenix”, it is hard to beat Grimaldi’s for the true, authentic thin-crust New York pizza.

There are so many both traditional and exotic restaurants across the sprawling Phoenix metro area, it would take an encyclopedia-sized journal to list them all.

Travelling to San Francisco from West Coast

San Francisco is a favourite destination for a large number of tourists from around the world as well as for Americas from other West Coast cities.

While travelling to San Francisco you can choose to travel by train as well as flight. Road trips are also a good option from San Francisco to other cities in the West Coast.

San Francisco has direct train service from San Diego, as well as from Laos Angeles, Washington and many other cities in the West coast. So it is up to you to decide.

For more ideas on how to travel to San Francisco from West Coast you may refer to this link:

How to Travel from Washington to San Francisco by Air

Washington – San Francisco is a busy route. A large number of flights travel by this route. Washington has many direct flights to San Francisco. Both foreign airlines as well as local ones fly in this route..

Some of the airlines having daily non stop flight to San Francisco from Washington are:

  • American Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • United
  • Cathy Pacific
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • British Airways

How to Travel from Seattle to San Francisco Economically

If you are planning a visit to San Francisco from Washington then you will have both the options of travelling by Train as well as by flight. Trains are comparatively cheap then flights. Amtrak has daily train service from Seattle to San Francisco. The journey takes around 23 hours to complete.

Tickets for this journey are available online from Amtrak website

How to Reach San Francisco from San Diego

Travellers from San Diego, California, have many options while visiting San Francisco. Flight, train as well as bus services are there. Many airlines service providers operate between San Diego and San Francisco.

The major airlines operating in this route are:

  • American Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • United
  • Delta
  • US Airways

In order to book a ticket and also to compare the tickets prices of all these airlines please check the following links:;$sessionid$WVWSFDPDNUTCRQFISY4RVQWAVCLC0IV0?_requestid=162548

Cheap Flights to San Francisco from Las Vegas

A variety of flight options are there for travellers from Las Vegas to San Francisco. The shortest flight duration between Las Vegas and San Francisco is 1 and 25 minutes. The airlines operating between Las Vegas and San Francisco are

  • Delta Airlines
  • United
  • US Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Northwest airlines
  • Continental Airlines

The following links will give you a better idea about the various flight facilities between Las Vegas and San Francisco as well as the fares

Travelling to San Francisco from Denver by Air

Denver to San Francisco by flight is a popular route for travellers. Many airlines operate regular flights to San Francisco fro Denver and the average flight duration is around 2 hours and 28 minutes. Number of airlines such as United, Lufthansa Air Canada, Frontier Airlines and many others have direct flights between Denver and San Francisco

The following links will give you ideas about the airlines facilities to San Francisco from Seattle:

How to Travel to San Francisco from other West Coast cities in a Low Budget

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco from other west coast towns and cities but have a stringent budget you must plan your travel carefully. Moreover for travelling to San Francisco you have many options . For example, you can travel to San Francisco from Denver by train in just $3 by a BART ticket.

Flight options as well as bus services are also there and if you carefully prepare your travel plan you can easily travel economically to san Francisco.

This website will help you to compare the fares of various airlines flying on your route and will locate the best deal for you. The second thing for you to do is to make the hotel reservation. Here also an advance booking may save you a few bucks in the form of discounts. Also make a list of the places in San Francisco that you want to visit and search online to know how much those visits will cost you. may help you in this regard.

A Guide to Izmir Airport

Izmir airport is a mere eleven mile drive from the city center. Even with this short distance separating Izmir airport from the city center there are buses that will take you directly to the city center. The bus lines that will cover this route only travel in intervals of every twenty to sixty minutes. Another option to get to Izmir airport is taking a taxi. Taxi rides can be more expensive than riding a bus, especially if you are obviously a foreigner. Remember that in Turkey prices are open to being haggled, it is not rude. At night the fares for taxis to Izmir airport can be more than double.

There are more options to get to Izmir Airport. You can easily get on a train which is only a short jaunt from the Izmir International Terminal. There are also rented cars available for your use. Taking the train can be a rough business as the train’s facilities are nothing like what you would expect coming from a western world. The train travels hourly and the fare is cheap so you have to choose between cheap costs and poor facilities that could possible make you feel uncomfortable. The train is in the northern part of town and is far away from city center.

The best way to get around Izmir is by the use of your own car to scoot around the city. Hiring a car prior to arrival is good but it is always possible to do so when you land in Izmir Airport in turkey. Having a car already waiting for you will give you the best possible landing experience when coming into to Izmir Airport in turkey. For the biggest convenience book a car online before flying to Izmir airport.

Inside of Izmir airport you will find many of the basic facilities available to assist travelers, as in other western airports. There are information desks at both the domestic and the international terminal areas. There is a separate desk to report lost baggage and if you happen to need to change your money into another currency there is a bureau de Change available to you. However, Turkish banks will often offer better rates for exchanging currencies then at the Izmir Airport.

Izmir airport will provide you with everything that you need to get off the ground in Turkey. It is very important for you to be able to understand your transportation options when it comes to getting to and from the Izmir airport because you may have to get there from another city by the time you leave thee country of Turkey.

Top Ten Tips for Travel 2010

While making your top ten to-do list for 2010, consider this top ten tried and applied travel guide from for an improved trip experience.

Pack Lite. Try to pack like you are starting a diet. Cut out the extra fat; lose the sugar. An ideal method is to go for the low-calorie black  amp; white wardrobe where two pairs of solid color pants, two conforming solid hued shirts and two jackets effectively equals six outfits. Don’t forget lightweight scarves for color and pizzazz. Although airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, may still allow free bag checks don’t be surprised by the $15 to $25 surcharge at the desk at other U.S. air companies. Where as much as possible, such as the winter coat and totes that would not fit into a purse, on your body, in a fanny pack and in your pockets. If you have to surrender your suitcase at the gate for whatever reasons of the day the airline deems fit to serve you, consider that your bag may be in the batch of the first out – possibly included with the strollers and walkers returned on the exit ramp.

Seatguru. Consult such apps and sites as if you want to get the low-down on where your seat might be located before you leave. The site offers a hefty list of international air carriers and the planes they fly with diagrams of the seat map in each vessel. This information is particularly handy with the iPhone app especially when you are changing plans en route and want to make some speedy seating decisions.

Slip-on shoes. It may seem obvious by now to pay attention to show styles before a flight but is simply amazing to see how often this element is overlooked. With security line measures becoming unpredictable again, line delays are inevitable. Don’t be among the barefoot runners sprinting to the boarding gate or disheveled travelers trying to find their show laces. Slip-ons are also easy to slip off in flight while your feet swell and back on again in time to jump into the 5 inches of aisle space you have between arriving passengers pushing for the door.

iPod. Who knows what you are allowed to have in your lap these days during the last hour of flight. Want to finish that book? Forget it. IPod carriers, however, can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music, even watch a movie and keep laps free all the while. Sick of the snoring passenger in the middle seat? Listen to something else. Tired of overhearing the details of the wedding planned by the passenger behind you? Protect your space. Wear earbuds.

Upgrade. You have to use your mileage points at some point, lest they vanish into thin air. There is little value to spending 40,000 hard-won miles for a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. But a few extra thousand points will get you a first class domestic seat coast to coast or a business class upgrade internationally – a value worth several thousand dollars verses a few hundred.

Premium Seats. Go ahead, treat yourself to a premium class seat. On long flights, even a few inches will go along way. Premium class seats often come with complimentary alcoholic beverages, business class menus (served on plastic, of course), kinder and more attentive service, and other bennies. These extras can be purchased for much less than you think.

Global Entry. For frequent international travelers U.S. Customs provides a fast pass through immigration for those savvy enough to sign up. The $100/five-year rate is worth every dime in time saved and hassles prevented. See:

Travel Insurance. It can be a sickness, a death, an accident, even a missed or cancelled flight. No matter what it is, it will cost you. If you are lucky and have a great travel agent you may get a credit toward your next cruise or next all-inclusive vacation, as long as you take it within the same year. But that is not the same as going now, when you wanted to go and with the people you wanted to be with you in an effort that took literally months of headachy planning. So buy the insurance: Cancel Anytime insurance. Expect good service, quick reimbursement, few questions. Try AccessAmerica ( Hey, it even covers terrorism attacks.

Verandah Room. Sure, you’re an active traveler and won’t be spending much time in the cabin on your cruise, you say. Or will you? How about reading a book on the chaise right outside your room on the balcony overlooking the Med? Or having a romantic midnight chat with your partner outside the room, wind in your hair, waves lapping, stars bright. What about slipping into an ancient and scenic port as the dawn rises. You watch from your private quarters, sipping coffee, all is quiet, a peak moment. It is simply a different cruise from a verandah and it is the one you will remember fondly.

Pharma. The right pills can make the difference between a miserable flight or trip and one that flowed well from beginning to end. These are not the ones you take to handle your cholesterol or heart. These are the ones your doctor does not tell you about – unless you ask. A knock-out sleeping aid, such as Ambien, on a 15-hour flight from L.A. to Beijing in the back of the plane can mean the difference between getting to China strung-out, punch drunk and angry or arriving rested and ready. Other options, such as a half-dose of Xanax or Klonopin. can help keep things even in difficult and stressful situations without affecting the thinking process. Even Tylonol PM can make a sweet and gentle sleep aid while the body adjusts to the new time zone. And an unsung winner called Provigil by Cephalon, Inc. clears the head, wipes away jetlag and allows international travelers to hit the ground running on arrival.

Hotels in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Close to Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area are home to a number of attractions, including several outdoor recreational opportunities (such as the Woodlands Resort), museums (such as the Frank L. Melaga Art Museum) and water parks (such as Idlewild Park and Soak Zone). Fortunately for the weary traveler, they are also home to a number of hotels.

Courtyard by Marriott Greensburg

Located next to several shopping and dining locations, the Courtyard by Marriott features a number of amenities including a business center, health center with exercise equipment, hot tub, a lounge, and an indoor pool. Each room features high speed internet, a large desk, 32″ LCD televisions with HD capability, in-room whirlpool spa, refrigerators, and much more. The hotel also includes an on-site restaurant, the Bistro, which serves fine American cuisine, as well as easy access to a number of restaurants and attractions nearby, including Idlewild Park and Soak Zone. As of 2010, rates range from $119 for a one-bedroom guest room to $179 to an executive suite.

700 Power Line Drive

(724) 834-3555

Four Points by Sheraton Greensburg

Located close to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and the Westmoreland Mall, the Four Points by Sheraton is the ideal hotel in Greensburg for those seeking a luxurious stay. Amenities include a fitness center, business services, indoor heated pool, and luggage storage. The luxurious rooms feature such amenities as free high speed internet access, in-room movies, jacuzzis, LCD flat panel television, and room service. The hotel also features two on-site hotels, the Prospect Lounge and the Vista Plateau Restaurant, both of which are open on weekends. As of 2010, hotel rates range $147.15 for a king guest room to $160 for two double beds (some rates include breakfast.)

100 Sheraton Drive

(724) 836-6060

Hampton Inn Greensburg

For those seeking a comfortable stay, the Hampton Inn offers 69 guest rooms and features such amenities as a fully-provisioned business center, a fitness room, outdoor pool, complimentary beverage and breakfast area, and much more. The rooms feature LCD flat panel television, complimentary HBO, complimentary high speed internet, microwave, mini-refrigerator, complimentary newspaper Monday through Friday, and much more. Although there is not a restaurant on-site, a number are available close by, including Denny’s, the Spitfire Grill, Red Lobster, and Vallozzi’s. As of 2010, rates range from $135 for a room with two queens to $165 for a king bed study with sofa bed.

1000 Towne Square Drive

(724) 838-8800

A Travelers Guide to St. John Virgin Islands

Unless you have your own boat, the only access to St. John is by ferry boat from St. Thomas which runs ,depending on the weather, most of the day everyday. Upon arriving at the ferry on St’ Thomas passengers are met by locals offering to help carry their baggage to the boat (for a small fee.) If all you have are a small number of carry-on bags there is no need to pay someone $5 to help you go 20 feet. You can also transport your vehicle via ferry if you’ve rented on St. Thomas.

The ferry arrives right in the heart of downtown Cruz Bay and visitors can easily walk to an assortment of shops, restaurants or bars in a matter of minutes. Taxi’s are also available for those needing a short ride to the their hotel, campground or rented villa. Car rentals are also within walking distance for travelers wanting to have freedom to explore the island during their stay, ( four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended due to the hilly terrain found on most of the island )

A word of caution to first time visitors of this tropical wonderland, driving is done on the “wrong” side of the road. So if you’re used to right side driving prepare for the uneasy feeling of left side travel. This can be especially tricky after visiting any of the local “watering holes.” Seat belts are NOT a requirement on the island and there are no laws prohibiting drinking while driving so again, caution is highly recommended. There are taxi’s ( converted pickup trucks with seats and a sun cover over the bed ) constantly going in all directions, so the safest way from place to place is to use one of them.

The drinking age on island is 18 however it is not enforced so families with teenagers should be aware that anyone who has the money and can at least look over the bar can and will most likely be served. Another “feature” on this island paradise is the availability of marijuana. For the most part this is not “pushed” on tourists and the local sign for this is when a native islander ( complete with dreadlocks ) approaches you and while tapping his shirt pocket asks ” You alright Mon’.” They’re not really concerned for your well-being as much as they’re asking if you’d like to get high.

In Cruz Bay there are a number of great hangouts that are a must see including Woody’s Seafood Bar. Here you can either order any of the local favorites like a painkiller or bushwhacker or your favorite beer and they also provide an incredible lunch menu. Right next door and up the steps is The Quite Mon Bar a favorite stop for locals looking to avoid the tourist crowd. Another fun stop is right around the corner, however, every time you go there it may have a new name. Once the home of Skinny Legs then Lizards Landing, on your visit it could be called something completely different but always an interesting stop.

There are some incredible places to eat on St. John, from high end fancy restaurants to sandwich shops and Mongoose Village has both a great breakfast menu and a good assortment of ready made sandwiches you can take to the beach, Uncle Joe’s Bar-B-Q is the best place to experience Island cooking, though the wait may seem long it is well worth it. There is even a Texas Bar-B-Q bar and grill for those missing that slice of home.

Charter fishing boats are another favorite of island visitors only beware, this is not your “sit back and fish” experience, no..once out in the fishing lanes your Captain is in serious fishing mode and the first mate gives you some last minute tips on what he expects from you. When he yells “Fish On” you better be ready to go to work. At the end of the day you get to keep 10 lbs. of whatever you caught and the Captain keeps the rest to sell to local markets.

The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, each one perfect for sitting on, splashing in or snorkeling under, it is recommended that you visit as many as you can. If peace and quite is your thing, avoid going to the beaches when cruise ships are in port. They unleash their load of anxious tourists on these white sandy beaches like a parade of ants at a summer picnic.

One aspect of St. John that travelers sometimes go unaware of is that the people that live on all the U.S. Virgin Islands are extremely friendly and expect the same. It is custom to greet everyone with a “Good Morning” “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening” when you first meet. To “haggle” price is looked at as an insult so if you find that island treasure you really like make sure the price tag is acceptable before trying to play let’s make a deal. Locals are also a modest bunch and an appropriate cover is required over skimpy bathing suits while walking around town.

Last but not least is the danger factor, St. John has it’s share of crime, from having your valuables lifted from under a beach towel to occasional theft at your villa. Like anywhere common sense and caution is advised. Don’t flash money or jewelery around or drink to the point of becoming an easy mark, treat people with respect ( remember it’s YOUR vacation , it’s THEIR home,) and you should have no problems while on the island.

One final mention should be made of the iguanas that roam the island. They are harmless, however for the ladies bright orange or red bikinis and especially toenail polish in those colors should definitely be avoided ( to an iguana it looks like tasty berries. )

Train Vacation Tips: How to Travel with Children Via Train

Traveling by train, especially for children, can be exciting when taking a vacation. It’s different then the normal travel by car and you get a different view of the scenery then if you were traveling by plane or boat. Here are some tips for taking children on vacation by train.

Don’t bring anything more then what is absolutely necessary, especially if you’re taking a long distance trip. Pack a small bag to keep right near you with important items that will be useful for your trip, but pack as few items as possible. You don’t want to worry about carrying several different extra bags when you already have to worry about your child. The less you have to carry, the easier it will be for you.

If you are taking a trip on a train that offers meals, check before hand to see if you can find out what they’re serving if your child is a picky eater or if they are allergic to any foods. If it’s something you know that you are going to have a problem getting your child to eat, bring something simple that you know will get eaten without a problem. Extra snacks are also necessary. Not only will your child probably get hungry, but you will as well. Bring some small, easy to eat and non-messy snacks that will hold you over well. Crackers and small vegetables such as baby carrots or celery sticks are some simple ideas.

Bring a small pillow and blanket from home for your child. It will make them feel more relaxed during their trip to have personal items with them that they are already comfortable with.

Don’t bring toys or games with small parts. Once one of those little pieces goes flying, your child will go right after it even if it falls down under the seats. This will only lead to you trying to get your child off the floor. Allow them to pick out a toy that they will be happy to bring, but that has no pieces that could easily get lost. Explain to them that if those pieces get lost, their toy won’t work anymore and you won’t replace the item.

Bring music for your child to listen to. Put their favorite music on an MP3 player or a cd player with a pair of headphones and have them listen to it as they fall asleep. They won’t hear any voices talking around them and they will be able to concentrate on the music and hopefully fall asleep easier. If they sleep, they will hopefully be less cranky which will lead to a happier, more calm trip.

Never allow your child to go into the bathroom by themselves. The train is in motion and a child can easily fall down and get hurt. It will take extra time to reach them since the door would be locked. Not only could your child get hurt, but you don’t want your child putting their hands in strange places inside that bathroom.

Don’t let your child walk up and down the aisles without you with them. If the train lurches suddenly the child could fall and either hurt themselves or someone else. When they are getting on and off the train, make sure that they are holding your hand so they don’t slip in between the train and platform. Your vacation shouldn’t end with a trip to the hospital.

If your child is unfamiliar with trains before going on a long train trip, introduce them to trains through books. Teach them safety tips beforehand and explain to them the rules about being on a train. Go to a local train station and show them how the train pulls in and out of the station and how fast the train goes when it’s moving.

Train trips can be a great experience for a child. As long as there is some planning beforehand, your train trip should happen happily with no problems.

Travel Guide to White Beach in Puerto Galera, Philippines

The beaches of Puerto Galera in the Philippines are popular tourist destinations and White Beach is no exception. White Beach is on the eastern side of this tourist strip and is a little more secluded than other areas. This makes White Beach an excellent spot for a quiet getaway or a more family friendly atmosphere.

To get to White Beach you will need to take some sort of ferry transportation from Batangas on the island of Luzon. There are many boats that will head directly to White Beach from the pier, though they may cost a little extra money. If you are staying at a hotel right on the beach, and you are able to carry all of your luggage without wheels, this is the easiest, and cheapest way to get there. Otherwise, take a ferry to the Puerto Galera pier and then catch a tricycle ride to White Beach. The trike driver will drop you off at the doorstep of wherever it is you are headed.

There are plenty of places to stay in White Beach, from beachside resorts to family owned cottages. If you don’t mind staying about a five minute walk from the beach, the cottage will offer a more authentic experience and will save you a considerable amount of money. Be forewarned, however, that luxuries such as hot showers and air conditioning may not b available in the cheaper accommodations.

The beach front itself offers a white sand beach and plenty of activity. You’ll find nets set up for beach volleyball though you’re more likely to find people laying in the sun or playing in the water. There are many shops along the beach, though if you’ve been inside one shop, you’ve already seen what most of the other shops are selling as well. You’ll also find tattoo artists and beachside massage parlors as you walk the sands. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from as well. The restaurant choices probably offer the most variety you’ll see in White Beach. From Italian style pizza and pasta to burgers to more traditional Filipino foods, it can all be fund here.

If you’re looking for more adventure or night life, a short trike ride to Sabang will be in order for you. There are plenty of night clubs here, though they may not be very family friendly. Sabang also attracts scuba divers and supposedly offers some of the best diving in the Philippines.

It’s important to take into account the time of year if you are interested in visiting the Puerto Galera area. December through February will be the coolest months and some will find it too chilly to swim at the beach. The hot season will be from June through September. Most locals recommend a visit between March and May when the weather is warm but not scorching hot. The Philippines is a tropical climate, so rain showers can be experienced year round. You’ll probably find rain-wear too warm, but a collapsible umbrella is a good item to have with you.

Post Free Classified Ads: Another tactic in an entrepreneurs’ free money making arsenal.

If this is your first time visiting the thirty-day Make Money without Spending a Dime Challenge – Welcome! If you want to start from the beginning, you’ll find the first posting here, and a list of all of the challenges to date here. Questions, comments or ideas to add? Join the discussion (its free and takes seconds to register).

I’ve hinted previously that free online classifieds are an excellent way to generate income for your business without any outlay of cash, but I wanted to try it out myself first before posting a how to post free classified ads article. My timing paid off, as I’ve learned that being successful with free online classified advertising isn’t as easy as:

  • Find a free classifieds directory;
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To make money with free classified ads, you’ve got to have a couple skill sets already under your belt (such as SEO Article Writing, Keyword Tactics for SEO Results and Blog Marketing). Having free web page hosting doesn’t hurt either. Combine this knowledge with free online classifieds, and you’ll have traffic (and therefore paying customers) visiting your business in no time.

Step One: Determine Your Keywords

Don’t even bother trying to post free classifieds ads yet – not without knowing what keywords you want to target. Go back to the aforementioned articles on these topics if you need some guidance first, but make sure you’ve got one solid keyword series going before moving on.

Why? Some of the free classified ad sites I’m about to share with you have extremely high Google rankings (also known as Page Rank). The higher these free classifieds sites are ranked, the more Google “likes” these sites, and in a way prefers them to other, similar websites. Get a couple of keyword-enhanced links pointed your way from these preferred sites to your site, and your own Page Rank (PR) increases. A higher PR usually means better natural search engine results, netting your business higher keyword rankings over at Google.

Still with me?

Basically, you want to find the highest PR sites that let you post free classifieds ads and use your keywords to link back to your site, thus increasing your PR and thus your search engine rankings.

Step Two: Write Your Free Classified Ads

You could try and find free seo copywriting, but you are probably better off on your own right now anyway. Quickly write up 150-200 word blurbs about whatever it is you are trying to sell, using your chosen keywords as often as you can, using a natural, conversational feel. Make sure to have the benefits in your title and within the first few words. Answer, “What’s in it for me?” instantly, if you can.

Once you’ve done one, write another. Try for five if you can, and I’ll explain why shortly. Just make sure each is unique enough so as not to trigger any sort of repetitive posting flags. Stick all of these in a .txt file, along with a URL to your sales page.

Step Three: Post Free Classified Ads

Because most entrepreneurs stick with local business, I am unable to list many of the “best” money making free online classifieds for your company. I strongly suggest you search out your own links, using a PR Tool such as this one to assist you in deciding which local free classifieds sites will provide you with the best results.

There are a couple of doozies for everyone however. You probably already know about Craigslist, the largest free classifieds site the world over. They don’t even require that you sign up! Instead, find your location, find the appropriate area, and post your free classified ads. Check your email box within minutes to confirm your listing, and your first free classified ad will be up for the world to see.

Next, find another location close to you, and post another (#2 of your five ads) there as well. Do so for five different areas you are trying to target, effectively using all five of your ads. Since Craigslist feels that posting in several categories in different locations is spam, you are effectively circumventing their rules without actually breaking them (since the ad isn’t the same in each place, if you followed my directions carefully).

Next, head on over to USFreeAds. You’ll only get two free ads here before you’ll be prompted to purchase their Gold Membership for $10/year, but their PR is higher than any other free online classified site I’ve run into. To be honest, I was shocked how quickly my seo tactics turned in my favor after putting merely one post up. I was also impressed with Highland Classifieds as well (free with $1 upgrades).

If you find other, higher ranking PR sites that let you post free classifieds ads, please discuss them with the rest of us so we can try them out too.