These are my 5 most favorite blogs on the internet listed in no particular order. Some I check on a daily basis, some every few days and others weekly. These are all blogs by truly inspirational and artistic women and if not for the World Wide Web I may never have found or known them.

Blog No.1)

This blog belongs to Linda Frost. Linda is a wonderful textile artist and bird lover living in the State of Kansas. I find her blog fresh and original with a “writing an old friend” quality. Her blog is a plethora of information from artist’s trading cards to how-to’s and where it’s all happening. Her love of quilting and humor shines through on every page. Linda’s stories of her travels can also be found on at If you are interested in quilting or textile arts or birds of any feathers then Linda’s blog is great to follow. I have gained so much knowledge from her about the quilting and textile world since finding her and I am sure you will too.

Blog No.2)

This blog belongs to Tiel from Australia. She is a wonderful artist, illustrator, designer and mother. She shares so many parts of her life on her blog including her husband, children and their travels. I have seen Australia, Belgium, Bragg and Paris through the eyes of Tiel. She showcases wonderful shops she finds in the many areas she travels to also. You can find her website here and her etsy shop here . I love her artwork and her free flowing style. She creates wonderful children’s artwork and uses her own designs on cards and stationary. Tiel is another bird lover as birds are the theme of many of her creations. This is a wonderful blog for mothers of small children also as she shares tips and hints on how she deals with the trials, tribulations, and delights, of motherhood and being a stay at home mom with a successful arts ¬†amp; design business to run.

Blog No.3)

This blog belongs to a wonderful young Finland native named Delila. I have only recently stumbled upon her blog and yet feel I have visited her often. I fear my description here would not do justice for the wonderfully inspirational space she has built. An artist whose love of nature is her theme she has made a comforting place of inspiration with soothing music, beautiful nature photography and mixed media art. She shares her love of all things faery like and of Beatrix Potter as well. She can turn viewing a photo of a simple birch tree into a religious experience. Is she a Wiccan or a shaman reincarnated? I do not know and yet this blog evokes within me thoughts of both lifestyles. She shares the soul of Harry Potter and the gentle sweetness of Alice. I can become lost in her world while looking through her blog archives, with a feeling of reading a wonderful book of yesterdays. She seemingly lives an enchanted life attuned to all things natural. Delila can be found in the pages of Somerset Life’s spring 2008 magazine as well as at her etsy shop here Do take the time to check out her sepia art studio bog, you’ll be glad you did.

Blog No.4)

This blog belongs to Elsie Flannigan. She lives in the state of Missouri and oh what a fun life she leads. I so enjoy reading her blog about her adventures with her friends. She is also one of the 5 beautiful people showcased on the red velvet art blog (more on that later). Elsie has a style that I would describe as bright, funky and colorful. She is a free spirit and has a love of life as well as art, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, music, designing, decorating, her many friends; and Jeremy. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention her grandpa. She loves grandpa, no doubt about that (check her blog and you’ll understand). She shares her boyfriend’s, Jeremy Larson, music on her blog also. A busy lady with many busy friends and yet they all seem to be finding the time to enjoy life. Elsie is also the author of the book “52 Scrapbooking Challenges”. She can be found at her etsy shop here There is so much more to say about Elsie but I’ll let you all find out for yourselves at her wonderfully fun blog.

Blog No.5)

This is the blog home of 5 very inspiring and creative young women going by the group name of red velvet girls. Here you will meet Rachel, from Central CA; Elsie, from the Midwest; Silje, a Norwegian living in Kansas City, KS (I love her tattoos); Sarah, another Midwestern girl from Missouri; and Emma, living in California. My oh my, but where do I begin? This blog is full of DIY information, blogs about their fun parties and artsy retreats, wonderful photography and the day to day lives of artists, crafters and best friends. This blog contains links to each artist’s etsy site, a few MySpace sites and a few of their personal blogs as well as links to some of their favorite places on the web. I enjoy seeing the photographs of the gatherings the girls have that look to be some exciting and fun silly times as well as inspirational and learning times for each one. Each girl’s own strengths and personality, loves and joys shine through and create a wonderful and eclectic mix. Oh to be young again was my first thought when finding this site. I am always insured to come away from this blog with a new craft idea, a new website to check out and a SMILE on my face. I’m sure you will too so log on and find out what the red velvet girls have been up to, you’ll be glad you did and inspired to create more in whatever medium you prefer.

I have more “favorites” I like to go to when I’m just browsing the web but these are so full of many of the things I love I find myself needing a “fix” every now and then if I haven’t checked in for a while. I am sure if you love all things bright and beautiful, vintage or modern or both, exceptional photography and sensational music you’ll love many of these blogs also. So grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, click on a link and enjoy!!