Innovation is the engine of prosperity in a nation. Innovation is what made this country great.

I’m all for innovation, that is, creating new products that fulfill market needs or new processes for producing a product in an entirely different, more economical way. Market capitalism drives innovation. Clever entrepreneurs make innovation happen. Entrepreneurs have a passion that drives their ambition. They take on enormous risk in their business ventures, putting personal resources and effort on the line. Their innovative products advance the well being of humanity through successful business enterprises, which provide jobs, and income, and a path function out of poverty, not to mention growth and progress for the nation.

What we are experiencing now in this country is a breakdown of innovation. Truly innovative effort, of necessity, is being redirected toward different purposes. Let me explain, by using a current analogous example.

Two young and creative entrepreneurs, bent with ambition, sought to expose the flaws in an existing process. They developed a plan, which consisted of visits to just a few of the production centers where the flawed process was practiced. They put forth a proposal that would test the process with raw materials and inputs that were flawed. If the process continued to operate with flawed ingredients, their tests would prove the process corrupt.

Their plan wasn’t perfect, but it was innovative and clever. The resourcefulness of the two pointed them in the direction of a tactical expert. Such a consultant would advise them how to conduct their test in a series of steps, each one designed to expose the suspected process flaws and make the results known.

They conducted the tests according to the consultant’s plan. The results confirmed their hypothesis that the process was indeed flawed. But the business in which the processes occurred didn’t like the results, ignoring them first, then putting its public affairs department on the job of covering up the embarrassing results.

In this analogy, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe are the entrepreneurs. Andrew Brietbart is the consultant. The mainstream media is the public affairs department of the hypothetical business. And ACORN conducts the flawed, corrupt process of executing the government’s agenda.

I applaud the energy, creative effort, resourcefulness, and courageous risk of the young Ms. Giles and Mr. O’Keefe. Had their efforts been directed toward producing a new innovation, they would have created a business, put people to work, raised the economic prospects of its workers, created convenient new products for consumers, and contributed to the economy. Instead…

I lament that this country has come to the point where clever young entrepreneurs feel the need to put their resourcefulness toward exposing the corrupt practices of the government rather than producing new products and innovations.