Brühl is located about 15km from Koln and is the home to Brühl Castle Augustusburg, a baroque schloss and one of Brühl’s best known attractions. Brühl is a well visted city due to not only its location proximity to Koln and Bonn, but it has many family attractions.

The town is located on the outskirts of Rhineland National Park. Brühl is known for its biking trails along with its castles and theme park Phantasialand.

The gardens at Brühl Castle are reminiscent of those in Versailles and is a beautiful and scenic attraction for those seeking a place to enjoy beauty and relax.

The inside of the Brühl Castle is breathtaking and incorporates almost every element of baroque architecture. The most famous element is the ceremonial staircase which is impressive with its sculpture and marble. The multicolored ceiling is extraordinary and picturesque. Brühl entry is free, Augustusburg is open Tue-Fri 9-12:30pm and 2:30-5pm Sat, Sun.

Another Brühl family destination is Phantasialand which is a very well known amusement park. In Phantasialand one can spend the whole day enjoying its many roller coasters, slides and shows. The River Quest was one of my favorite rides with its waterfalls, along with the Black Mamba a thrilling roller coaster ride sure to make any heart jump.

For anyone wanting a more casual and less spine chilling attraction there are a varied array of entertaining and show-stopping programs.

One of the best places to stay in Brühl is the Ling Bao Hotel. The hotel is beautifully decorated with a Chinese motif, Chinese antiques and breathtaking furnishings provide a lovely decor. The rooms are well decorated Chinese style bunk beds like boats. The gardens at the Ling Bao are exquisite and look beautiful year round. I love the Disneyland hotel but the Ling Bao compares perfectly and the atmosphere is much less tourist driven.

The Ling Bao has more facilities than that of Disney for the kids including a terrific kids play room with a Wii system and a beautiful pool with a dragon that spouts water, only drawback is that it has no shallow end and is a little small. The Ling Bao also has a spa.

There is a lot to see and do in Ling Bao which is almost in itself a tourist attraction you don’t want to miss. One area is just like a Chinese medicine apothecary which is full of original antiques and faux lookalikes. The Ling Bao adjoins the theme park Phantasialand, which is delightful much like that of Disney. The animatronic figures are a very cute touch and there are many beautiful and scenic areas in which to enjoy even in a theme park, you can feel the adult touches that have been carefully and thoughtfully applied. The park wasn’t too busy when my kids and I visited and much more open than I can remember a visit to Disney being.

There are plenty of young kids rides scattered about throughout the park so as to not leave out anyone.

Brühl, Germany is a great destination in which to stay if visiting the Koln area and traveling with kids. The town is laid back and picturesque and is only a small hop into Koln which has much higher rates for tourists. There are plenty of establishments in which to eat at around the town and it is always best to schedule early as not to run into reservation problems.

My suggestion as always when traveling is do your research and plan out your trip in plenty of time to get the best rates and amenities. Traveling to Koln is easy and staying in Brühl is much better on one’s pocketbook, plus it allows you to see the big city and come back to a smaller venue in which to relax.

Germany trips such a Brühl were not only enjoyable for my kids and myself but extremely memorable as I am sure they will be to your family.