The sun is gently warming your face as you hear the sound of the ocean gently lapping at the side of your cruise ship. You open your eyes and look around at the hundreds of fellow sunbathers and realize that they all have something in common, grey hair and a summed age of over 3,000 years old. Unless you really have a thing for older men or women, maybe it’s time you looked into cruises and vacations for people more your age.

The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing travel related enterprises in the world as is the tour business. As a result cruise lines and tour groups are more and more often designing themed travel to help sell a new and upcoming generation to the lifestyle of the ocean traveler. There is everything from an Elvis impersonator cruise, women’s trips, gay and lesbian trips, nudist cruises, star trek cruises…ok so I’m not so sure about star trek but you never know but there are many singles and young adult themed options for travel. So why not go on vacation with people your own age?

Don’t feel like cruising? There are many other options out there for single college students and young professionals to some of the hottest vacations spots around. One thing to watch out for is a singles supplement. I tried the best I could to only provide links to sites that do not charge a singles supplement but sometimes it is just unavoidable.

Here are some of the many options that are now available for cruisers/travelers just like you. Make sure to pack the essentials, including the current best laptops for college!

(Most cruises require that you be at least 21 to cruise alone. If someone is under the age of 21, someone must be at least 25 in the room they are staying in and the underage person must have signed permission from their parents, so keep this in mind before you plan.)

The Groove Cruise

Quoted as the “spring break for people with jobs” this cruise takes place on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. This cruise advertises the hottest dance music, the best DJ’s, and that over “2,000 chic, young professionals” have experienced this cruise which is in its 4th year running. They have 2 different itineraries, one out of LA and the other out of Miami. The last cruise was 55% women and 45% men to give and idea of the ratio. This cruise sells out every year (currently for 2008 there is a waiting list of over 100) so it’s probably best to book this cruise pretty far in advance. For pricing you can contact Kathy at since pricing varies dependent on your room package.

All Singles Travel

Travel agency specializing in singles travel. Has a wide range of cruise and travel options. This tends to hit more of an older crowd (30-50) but gets a mix of younger travelers as well.

STA Travel

STA Travel is by far one of the best places to book travel for ages 18-30. This site has the largest selection of tours available in pretty much every continent. From African Safaris to London Excursions you’re going to find what you want here.

Travel Chums

Don’t necessarily want to pay for a tour but still don’t want to travel alone? This is your site. Just input the gender and age of the person you want to travel with, and a list of fellow travelers pop up that you can contact. My word of warning is to be careful with this site, and if you’re a female traveler, it’s probably better to stick only with other female travelers.

EF College Tours

This is also a great site for those looking at traveling with a younger group. There are lots of options, and it’s probably one of the cheapest. I actually would book my tours through them.

So there you go. Don’t let single supplement fees, or a fear of traveling alone stop you. There are plenty of options to travel before your hair turns grey, so get out there and enjoy the world!